State of American Patriotism Report


First annual FLAG/YouGov State of American Patriotism report details alarming anti-Americanism and ignorance of basic civics, especially among Millennials & Gen Z

Half of all Americans call country “sexist”

1 in 5 Millennials say U.S. flag a “sign of intolerance and hatred”

Half under 21 think Barack Obama had “more impact on America” than George Washington

Washington, DC – Today, The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG) released its first annual State of American Patriotism report, informed by a groundbreaking survey that investigated and compared levels of national pride among several generations of U.S. citizens. The survey of 1,078 Americans, conducted by internationally recognized polling firm YouGov, starkly reveals that younger Americans (under 38 – Gen Z and Millennials) are becoming unmoored from the institutions, knowledge, and spirit traditionally associated with American patriotism.

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Among the survey’s key findings:

  • Half of those surveyed believe the United States is sexist (50%) and racist (49%);

  • American exceptionalism is on the decline. 46% of younger Americans do not agree that “America is the greatest country in the world”;

  • 38% of younger Americans do not agree that “America has a history that we should be proud of”;

  • One in eight (14%) of Millennials agree that “America was never a great country and it never will be”;

  • 46% of younger Americans  agree that “America is more racist than other countries”;

  • 84% of Americans do not know the specific rights enumerated in the First Amendment;

  • 19% of Millennials believe that the American flag is “a sign of intolerance and hatred”;

  • 44% of younger Americans believe Barack Obama had a “bigger impact” on America than George Washington

On the release of the report, Nick Adams, Founder of FLAG, said, “We suspected that we would find decreasing numbers of Americans well-versed in our nation’s most important principles and young people less patriotic than the generations that came before, but we were totally unprepared for what our national survey reveals: an epidemic of anti-Americanism. That half of millennials and Gen Z believe that the country in which they live is both ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ shows that we have a major fraction of an entire generation that has been indoctrinated by teachers starting in grade school that America is what’s wrong with the world.”

The full version of FLAG’s first annual Study of American Patriotism will be available on November 27 here.

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